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Android doesn’t boot on virtualbox and VMware

This problem can be meeting on every version android OS, if we want to install on virtual machine

What can we doing for solution?


You have to edit menu.lst file. Here is how:

  1. boot in debug mode (usually the second option in boot menu)
  2. when booting stops (for me it just hangs there with flashing cursor and without any prompt) enter mount -o remount,rw /mnt
  3. enter cd /mnt/grub
  4. enter vi menu.lst
  5. press Shift+a
  6. right under the first boot entry find the line starting with kernel initrd=/in (your line might look different; it depends on Android version; in general just find the line that starts with kernel)
  7. at the end of the line type vga=834 nomodeset xforcevesa
  8. press ESC then :wq – these commands will save the file and quit vi
  9. enter cd /
  10. enter umount /mnt
  11. enter reboot -f

Now the system should reboot in the VESA mode of your choice.

This will enforces to use the VESA driver for X.

You can replace the vga=xxx by any number you want for your screen resolution. Also tested that 832 works fine (gives 800×600 resolution).

exemple :